Nana Rashid


Nana Rashid is a danish grammy award winning jazzsinger, who explores an unique mix of genres which stands out as a new take on how modern Scandinavian vocal jazz can sound.

The music is a strong cocktail of the nordic jazztraditions melancholy, inflictions of neo-soul and blues with a use of scalding Nina Simone-tinged declamations. Nana sings her way into contemporary dilemmas. Themes about being mixed race, belonging and becoming one’s own, the difficult love and being a woman and all the expectations that come with it.

The nerve in everything she does is rooted in a belief that music can reveal all that is human. The listener is greeted with such honesty and openness that the invisible but tangible bond that binds people together is palpable. The music is intense and soothing at the same time.

Reviewers have described Nana as proof that great and undiscovered talent can still be found in jazz. A singer with a fantastic voice and an approach to music that is both naked, vulnerable and strong.

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Album: Music for Betty

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EP: Sorrow in Sunlight

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Single: They Call It Love

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Single: Pearls

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Single: Goodbye My Love

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Single: Mother, Father

Tour for Betty

Music for your eyes

They call it love (official music video)

YouTube video

Poor blue Betty – Livesession at the village

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They call it love (Live at Brorsons Kirke at Copenhagen Jazzfestival)

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Mother, father (Official Lyrics Video)

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Some Other Way (Stripped Live Version)

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Music for critics

“A judicious mix of standards and originals, the Rashid opener ‘Poor Blue Betty’ possesses a smouldering intensity which sets the tone for the entire album.”

4/5 Jazzwise Editors Choice


“the disc presents eight gems that highligt an artist with a very strong stage presence and whose talent as a storyteller amazes given her young age”


“An absolutely terrific vocalist who really stands out on the Danish jazz scene.”

5/6 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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“I will dare to call Music for Betty one of the absolute best Danish vocal jazz debut albums in several years”

5/6 ★★★★★☆


“It’s a record that, in all its glory, is one of the best things I’ve heard from a Danish jazz singer in a very long time. It is both classic and contemporary. Big big recommendation from here.”


“A superb debut album”


“Nana Rashid has an expression, a voice and a message that I believe in from the first second. It is of course difficult to tell or describe why it is so – it is only a feeling that takes up residence in the body that convinces me of it.”


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“An excellent album with a singer whose soulful voice is perfectly framed in timeless music.”

Lira Gillar/ Editors Choice